Please take a few minutes to read through the rules and regulations listed below, and let's all do our best to follow them.

1. Registration

- Every youth present at this year's conference must be duly registered.
- All participants should be prompt and punctual to all events.

2. Complaints

- All complaints should be channeled through your Parish/ Area/ State Coordinators, who will get in touch with the appropriate quarter (Secretariat).

3. Tobacco, Drugs, and Alcohol

- No form of tobacco, illegal drugs, contraceptives, and alcohol are allowed to be used or kept on the conference venue.

4. Programme Schedule

- All programme timing must be strictly adhered to.
- The schedule should be followed by all participants.
- No one is allowed to move about during lecture periods.
- Youth members should not be seen in the mercy land praying during the program except at the time/period allotted for it.

5. Fire Arms

- No fire arms or fireworks are permitted in the venue.

6. Cleanliness

- Cleanliness and respect for grounds and properties are to be respected.
- Daily sanitation of the camp grounds will be supervised by the Sanitation Unit.

7. Sickness

- Sickness and accidents must be reported to the Medical Unit immediately.

8. Not to Leave Venue

- Youths are not allowed to leave the venue without the permission of their Coordinators.
- It is mandatory they are present throughout the camping/conference days.

9. Character

- A good character must be evidenced at all times.
- There should be no fighting or usage of abusive language at the conference ground.

10. Dress

- Modest and decent dressing is expected at all times.
- Every participant should dress moderately in sutana.
- Red or black apparels are not allowed.
- Boys should not remove their shirts on recreation periods or at any other time.
- Excessive jewelries and make-up such as lipstick, eye shadow, and tattoos are prohibited.
- Bring along at least three pairs of sutana for each of the days.

11. Boy-Girl Relationship

- Boys and girls are not permitted to go off by themselves.
- Off-limit areas are to be observed by boys and girls.
- Proper behavior should be exhibited at all times.

12. Off Limits

- The following areas are off limits to all participants unless authorized to enter or permitted by logistics officers:
    - Kitchen and Kitchen lobby
    - Mercy Land
    - Luggage
    - Hostel/Room

13. Cooperation

- Everyone is expected to fully cooperate with the Security, Logistics, Kitchen, Medical unit, and all unit Team Leads.

14. Meal

- Meal tags would be given out at the meal hour by stewards.
- Meal has been adequately taken care of and will be served by the stewards.
- We encourage every youth to be orderly and composed by submitting to the leadership of the entertainment unit.
- Cooking of food by participants, loitering about, movement or wandering around the camp, buying and selling during lecture periods are strictly prohibited.
- Region, Zones, States, Areas coming together should come with cooler and big bowl.

15. Phones and Gadgets

- Phones and gadgets are charged at owner’s risk.
- Kindly endeavor to bring your power bank(s).

16. Participants List of Items to Bring for the Programme

- Bible, notebook, and pen
- Toiletries, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, and deodorants
- Plates and Cutleries
- Nose Mask
- Hand Sanitizer
- Buckets
- Sleeping Materials
- Bread, Cornflakes, Golden morn, garri, and other things that do not require cooking

17. Participants for AYC Sport/Mind Games

- Sports unit will provide early morning aerobic exercise and group competition amongst all conference participants.
- Everyone will belong to a group, and there's a reward for the best group at the conference.

18. Failure to Comply with the Above Rules and Regulations Will Attract:

- Conference Termination - the offender would be sent back home.
- Display of the information of the offender
- Fine

Let's work together to make this conference an amazing success!

Thank you for your cooperation and commitment to making this conference a wonderful experience for everyone!