The Celestial Church of Christ (CCC) is gearing up for its annual youth conference, themed "Manifesting God's Glory," from August 22nd to 25th, 2024, at Oshoffa Citadel of Prayer Mission, Abule-Oke, Ifo, Ogun. The event promises to be a life-changing experience for thousands of Christian youths from across the country.

At a press conference, Bro. Elijah Ibiokoro, Chairman of the Annual Youth Conference 2024, revealed that this year's theme was inspired by Isaiah 58:8, focusing on demonstrating God's presence in every aspect of life. He emphasized the importance of youths attending the conference, stating that it will guide them towards manifesting God's glory in their lives. He added that the general youth coordinator, Senior Evangelist S.O Odeyemi, is ready to welcome everyone to this life-changing event. Don't miss out on the opportunity to manifest God's glory!

Brother Oluwafemi Adeniran, AYC 2024 Secretary, assured attendees of adequate provisions for security, transportation, accommodation, and healthcare, ensuring a hitch-free event. He expressed optimism about the conference, urging youths to seize the opportunity to connect with God and their peers. He said, the conference will feature renowned speakers, including Prophetic Evang. Ekunola Davies, Professor Mike Adebamowo, and Evangelist Segun Ajidara, among other renowed ministers of God within and outside the Celestial Church of Christ. He also made it known that the Program Unit Team, has pledged to deliver a conference that surpasses expectations, with God at the epicenter of all plans.

He assured that the conference program has been carefully crafted to provide a transformative experience for all attendees.

In a statement by Leader Ola Ibukun Samuel, head of the Media Unit Team, he confirmed that the team is fully prepared to accommodate all media personnel, including bloggers, media houses, and media volunteers.

According to Leader Samuel, the Media Unit is committed to providing unhindered access to all aspects of the event, ensuring that every story is told and every moment is captured. The team has made necessary arrangements to facilitate smooth coverage.

The Registration Unit Team, Evangelist Ayanwale Tobi assured that all necessary arrangements have been made to facilitate a smooth arrival and registration experience for attendees.

According to the registration team lead, attendees can expect to arrive on August 22nd, with check-in beginning at 12:00 pm. To ensure a seamless registration process, a unique QR code will be generated upon payment, which can be accessed through the provided link on With their verified QR tickets in hand, attendees can look forward to a hassle-free entry experience.

The Registration Unit Team has worked tirelessly to ensure that all details are in place, and we are confident that our attendees will have a positive experience from start to finish.

The Sponsorship Unit Team, Evangelist Alebiosu Kayode has issued a heartfelt appeal to individuals and organizations to extend financial support towards the upcoming conference. The team recognizes that the success of the event relies on the generosity of sponsors and donors. He said the team encouraged everyone to contribute in any way possible, no matter the amount. They emphasized that every donation, big or small, brings the conference one step closer to achieving its goals.

"Your financial support is crucial in helping us create a memorable and impactful experience for all attendees," the team said. "We believe that together, we can make a significant difference in the lives of many. Let's come together to support this worthy cause." With this appeal, the Sponsorship Unit Team is counting on the generosity of supporters to help make the conference a success.

The other committee members like Evangelist Seyi Odufuwa,  and others assured accommodation and feeding arrangements. The following assurance was made:

- Upgraded accommodation
- Free feeding for all days
- Professional security provisions


 Youths are advised to come with their plates, cutleries, and thanksgiving items.

Join thousands of Christian youths at the Celestial Church of Christ Annual Youth Conference 2024 and get ready to manifest God's glory in your life!